Auction Items

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An appeal from Catherine Mesenbrink, SCSO Board Member/Chair of Chorus Operations/Soprano

Dear SCSO Chorus and Board Members, Alumni and Friends,

Our Raising a Voice for the Arts Gala 20th Season Year-end Celebration will be on Saturday, June 11,  2016 at the Sacramento Convention Center – Rooms 202/203  – from 7-9:30 PM.  We look forward to seeing  all of you and  as we continue to celebrate our magical  20th Season!

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Thank you in advance for your help in securing items to donate to our silent auction and our raffle . We are in need of new or perhaps vintage auction items.  Let me know if you would like some suggestions. Please direct questions regarding auction/raffle donations to:

Catherine Mesenbrink
Text: (530 ) 621 – 2331

I will respond within  24 hours .

Please include the following information in your message :

  • Brief description of the item(s)
  • Estimated  dollar value of the item
  • Contact info .

If you are an SCSO Chorus member,  I have your mailing address. You will  receive a thank you letter in the mail regarding your donation that will be helpful for next year’s taxes. If you are a non SCSO Member, please include your  full name and mailing address. Thank you so much for helping to make our event a great success .

With gratitude  and appreciation,

Catherine Mesenbrink
SCSO Board Member/Chair of Chorus Operations/Soprano