Light & Fire – May 4, 2019 – Chorus

Sacramento Kings July 3, 2019 Tickets (National Anthem Gig)

Study Tools & Scores – May 4, 2019

STUDY Tracks for Dan Forrest’s Lux  – via SCSO Dropbox

Walpurgisnacht Text and Translation

Mendelssohn & Forrest PERFORMANCE Files

Mendelssohn Walpurgisnacht STUDY Files

Weekly Rehearsal Notes (Please mark your scores)

Mendelssohn – Die erste Walpurgisnacht (High quality Breitkopf edition)
Dan Forrest – Lux: The Dawn from on High
CD with performance of both works included. (Now up in Dropbox)
Subsidized by the SCSO. We pay the credit card fee too!

2018-2019 Season Schedule (xls) Rehearsal Location – Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church
5057 Cottage Way, Carmichael 95608

2018-2019 Yearbook  – Special thanks to Harry Kellogg

A Guide to Marking Your Scores
(Recommended by Don Kendrick)