My Broker Donates


Help Fund the Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra – At Zero Cost to You

Support the SCSO when you buy or sell your house.
If you could generate a big donation for the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra without writing a check could you? A huge Chorus of Thanks if you would.

Now you can create that meaningful, cost-free donation whenever you are thinking of buying or selling a property. It’s possible through our new partnership with My Broker Donates . My Broker Donates empowers you to generate donations to the SCSO worth thousands of dollars—at zero cost to you—when you buy or sell a home.

This is the only way your next home sale can generate a no-cost donation that helps fund classical performances and education and outreach activitiesin the Sacramento area.

How does it work? My Broker Donates custom-connects people looking to buy or sell a home with caring, qualified agents and brokers who help generate a big donation for the SCSO.

The best part? My Broker Donates has access to agent data that the public can’t get. They screen the agents’ qualifications for you and you choose the agent you like best.

So contact My Broker Donates before you engage a real estate professional. Even if you already have an agent, you can still generate a big donation for the SCSO!